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Kollective Agency – Logo
1st July 2015

Who are we? Think of us an end product produced by
 a group of creative folk who are brought 
together for their specific skill. They can be anything from artists, poets,
 web wizards, film writers to marketing 
supremos. They are part of our Kollective
 and that extends to our clients too… We
 are all partners, […]

hurdle – Website
1st July 2015

Hurdle is a direct marketing agency that specifically caters for companies looking to test offline, or, as some might say, ‘traditional’ direct marketing to recruit new customers. Why? Because, as online marketing becomes ever more expensive and competitive, we truly believe that traditional direct marketing techniques like direct mail, door drops and inserts are experiencing […]

hurdle – Logo
23rd June 2015

DIRECT MAIL Contrary to popular belief, Direct Mail isn’t as expensive as many people think. Maybe that’s why, in an online world that increasingly delivers on brand, but not on revenue, it could pay to try it. There’s another good reason to consider DM too – the younger generation. Recent trends suggest they are more […]

Horizon – Up & away!
15th June 2015

Horizon’s goal is to develop a new low-cost commercial space launch vehicle called Black Arrow 2. This vehicle is designed to support small satellite missions for both the UK and European markets. This vehicle will be the first of a new range of products designed to make space access affordable for us all.

Kollective Agency – No Bull!
15th June 2015

Here we go  Another new agency promising to be
 “a customer communications specialist” ,
no doubt delivering “optimization” 
in “social content”, which “engages” an 
“holistic view” to substantiate “brand
loyalty”, resulting in an “alignment ”
from both parties. Yep you’ve heard it all before. And yep, The Kollective can do all that, 
but you won’t get agency speak […]

Victoria Shoesmith Online
15th June 2015

Victoria is a professional and talented make-up artist who is looking to specialise in fashion, TV, and film. She has completed her Level 3 Diploma in Media Hair and Make-up, which has covered a wide range of cosmetic techniques and skills needed in the media industry. As well as stunning beauty make up and period […]

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