Flaky, half-baked ideas? Definitely not!

Creative thinkers who make your brand stand out!

Who are we?

We are Pink Wafer and we want to make your brand become a little lovelier every day with a splash of Pink.

Clients work with us in a number of different ways, as a strategic advisor or as a full services partner delivering everything from strategic thinking to execution across all disciplines.

Your brand is great, but how do you make it exciting and irresistible to the independent, intelligent buyer? Our creatives are smart people who interpret what you want and tell the world why your product should exist, who will buy it and how best to engage this audience. We’re flush with creative people brimming full of talent ready to be put to the test. We deliver award-winning work, bringing together layers of yummy creativity designed to give your brand a healthy glow across its cheeks.


Our Creatives have an abundance of commercial experience, which has led us to produce highly creative campaigns.


Ideas need to be consistently executed across all media channels, delivering the right blend of service know-how.


Each project is planned and executed with meticulous attention to detail, for usability, and cross browser compatibility.

What’s our recipe for success?

What we love doing for our clients!

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